Who are we at a glance?

At St Martin’s, we are a community of seekers journeying together as witnesses to the presence of God in the world around us. We are an inclusive, welcoming community by which we mean we welcome anyone who desires to worship with us. Persons who may be gay, lesbian, or transgendered are particularly welcome. If you are seeking something more for your life, though you may not be very clear about what this is, other than that you know you yearn for something more, then we welcome you to journey with us in our becoming a community where we explore gratitude to God with lives lived generously in the service of one another and the world around us.


When and where do we meet? 

Services are held on Sunday mornings at 50 Orchard Ave, Providence 02906 please go to worship to check times.

We are liturgical worship tradition. Liturgy is like a vehicle that we climb aboard and it transports us through sacred time (the eternal now of God), from one psychological and spiritual location to another. Our services offer nourishment for the senses with music, color, movement, and participation shaped by the ancient rhythms of the Book of Common Prayer. In worship, we believe God speaks to us most powerfully as a worshipping community. In worship, we proclaim the written word of God for a world, hungry for meaningful spiritual engagement that is both ageless and responsive to the needs of our time; we take, bless, and break bread and share the sacrament of Christ’s Body and Blood as the bread of heaven and the cup of salvation. You’ll hear announcements about upcoming events and ministries, and you’ll have a chance to meet and greet people around you.

From 9.15-12noon we offer a Nursery (infants through three-year-olds) is in the Washburn Room on the first floor of the Parish House.

Our children and youth programs begin 10.45am and run simultaneously with our adult formation program, both follow the 9.30 main service.  All of our teachers and parent helpers have been vetted through an online child protection awareness training. St Cecilia’s Choir meets Friday’s at 4.15pm and offers a weekly practice experience introducing children to musical expression and monthly participation in worship.

What is St Martin’s denomination?

We are a parish of the Episcopal Church http://www.episcopalchurch.org/ and part of the Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island http://www.episcopalri.org/ . The Episcopal Church is a church of the World-Wide Anglican Communion http://www.anglicancommunion.org/ . You can explore what we believe on the websites above or at http://www.patheos.com/Library/Anglican.html